film cels

The answers are revealed…

Film cels are strips of 35mm film from the movie and framed together with a photograph or a movie postcard in a quality frame. You can tell that the film cels as used are genuine because at the left hand side you can see a wavy line which is the soundtrack from the movie.

All the film cels that we sell are supplied with a certificate of authenticity thus guaranteeing you that the film cell(s) is/are genuine and original.

Most film cels supplied are limited editions i.e. there is only produced a certain number which is usually between 250 and 1500, depending upon the amount of film available and the popularity of that film.

We have all manner of film cels from standards (10″ x 8″) to duets which have two strips of film to montages which include six strips of film. We also have the premier range which are guaranteed to show quality scenes from the movie and contain more strips than normal. Having said that, all the film cels used in our products are identifiable strips of film – we do not use ‘street scenes’ etc. unless a recognizable figure or event is contained within.

Do you have a particular movie that is your favourite and would like a film cell creation? We may be able to source the movie for production – please do email us (refer to our contact page). We will respond within five working days and let you know if it is possible to produce.