Some of the questions that we get asked about our products are as follows. Any useful questions that we get in the future will be updated on this page for your information.

Q. What is a film cel?
A. The film cel or cels are actual 35mm movie strips from the film. If the film, which is the usual case, is in widescreen the image will appear squashed on the cels as with widescreen transmissions on the older 4:3 format.

Q. Why are there sometimes more than one series from a movie?
A. A different series means either that the first batch of film has been used or a new movie picture has been placed into the frame but with the same cels; or a new movie picture plus different film cels from the film in question. The latter is usual with long films such as Lord of the Rings’ as with a limited edition of say 500 there is still plenty of useable film available.

Q. Will I get a good film cel?
A. Not all the movies film is used, most of it is usually scrapped as it has no useful or interesting pictures. For example: The Matrix, film cels with any of the main characters will be used but a picture of the buildings without anything happening would not.Q. Are film cels collectable?
A. Film cels are very collectable items and can also be a good investment (we of course, do not guarantee this). We are aware that previous limited edition framed film cels from Star Wars have been re-sold, after a period of time, for much more money than the original cost.

Q. Which are the best film cels to collect?
A. The ones which are likely to go up in value are the blockbusters and popular titles such as Star Wars, The Matrix, Star Trek and Disney. However, our opinion is at the end of the day, to buy the film cels that you like and are happy to display on your wall. Your film taste is your choice not others – buy the film cels that you like and enjoy them!

Q. Shouldn’t the cell be spelt cel?
A. Yes, that is correct. The word cel comes from the word celluloid and, traditionally, in the movie industry it is spelt cel and not cell. However, most people do not know this and that is why we spell the word incorrectly. However, our website name is correct!